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Every parent’s dream is to have children with bright intelligence and a healthy body. The future outcome of school studies and the career of a child depends mainly upon his/her IQ. This IQ mainly depends upon the food they eat. What the input is so will be the output. Now-a-days, it is being well established that pure vegetarian food only can give finest intelligence and a healthy long life.

It is apt to note that, many statesmen, known for their intelligence, such as, Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, Mr.Mukesh Ambani, one of the world’s richest persons, Mr.Viswanath Anand, Grand master in chess championship, Mr. Narendar Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, are all pure vegetarians. Also, internationally recognized, first lady Police officer of India, Mrs. Kiran Bedi, who is also a Civilian Police Advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations, is not eating meat and eggs for her strength and intelligence, but a pure vegetarian food.

It is a common notion that non vegetarian food only can give a healthy physique to growing children, as they contain ample quantity of energy, proteins and vitamins. But many researches have shown that the harmful effects of non-veg food have outweighed its advantages. Also, it is a myth that, only non – veg food can give a hefty muscular body. It should be noted that “elephant”, a huge, muscular animal, capable of killing a lion, is a pure vegetarian animal. Similarly, herbivorous animals like rabbit, deer, squirrel etc. are very active and enthusiastic. Whereas carnivores, such as lion, tiger and python become so dull and lazy after their meal.

A very interesting concept is put forth by many research studies, that is, not consuming meat has beneficial effect on brain function. Benjamin Franklin, an eighteenth century statesman and scientist, says that, “a vegetarian diet results in greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension”. Thus, irrefutably, vegetarian food increases the intelligence of growing children. On the other hand, non-vegetarian food makes them sleepy and dull headed.

Another article, published in British Medical Journal (2007), states that, “higher scores for IQ in childhood is associated with an increased likelihood of vegetarianism after thirty years of age”. This may be mainly due to the proper understanding of the intelligent people, about the ill effects of non-vegetarianism.

A British and a Californian data are also fairly consistent in showing a reduction in total cancer incidence in vegetarians. Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, have increased Cardiovascular disease and mortality. A vegan diet introduced to patients with rheumatoid arthritis induced decrease in bad cholesterol and raised immunity thereby ameliorating the condition of many patients.

Another study showed that, seventh day Adventists, who ate diets emphasizing plant foods experienced much less Coronary Heart Disease mortality, than did non – veg Adventists. An article in “The Hindu”, dated February 4th, 2011, confirms the role of non – veg food in causing gastric cancer. A study was conducted by Madras Medical College, on gastric cancer. It showed that, 88% of the patients with Gastric Cancer were non – vegetarians. Many studies have shown that, vegetarian diet lowers blood Total Cholesterol level, lowers Blood pressure, and reduces the risk of Obesity, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Cancer and increases the longevity of life.

In Indian packed foods a symbol with a green dot with in a green box as shown in the picture represents vegetarian foods, and a symbol with a red dot with in a red box represents egg and non-vegetarian food items.

Sri agathiar Trust, ambsamudram

Some vegetarians do not eat animals, but they may choose to consume eggs. In reality, the distinction between meat and egg is very marginal. No less than muscles, eggs comprise all the physiological, metabolic and hormonal activities of an animal body. If we know the real circumstances under which the broiler chickens are raised for eggs and meat, nobody will dare to give eggs to their children. A report in the Atlanta Journal constitution, says that, chicken meat is contaminated and sick chickens are routinely slaughtered for human consumption. 84 Federal Poultry Inspectors interviewed, reported that, every week, millions of chickens leaking yellow pus, stained by green feces, contaminated by harmful bacteria, or marred by lung and heart infections, cancerous tumors or skin conditions are shipped for sale to consumers.

The chickens raised for food are given poultry feed, containing animal byproducts – bone, feather, blood, offal, manure, condemned body parts of chickens and other sick animal parts – are the primary source of salmonella contamination.

Also, chickens are raised in oxygen- deficient shed full of pathogenic microbes, methane, hydrogen sulphide, excretory ammonia fumes, lung destroying dust and dander (tiny particles of feather and skin).To the toxic air is added lack of living space, dumped together and overcrowded.

The meat and egg obtained from such chickens are undoubtedly harmful to our lives. Some critics argue that when we eat the flesh and egg of prisoned chickens, which have been treated with such complete contempt, we assimilate something of their experience and carry it forward into our lives.

Another problem of the modern age is the quick proliferation of pizza shops and fast food shops with chicken as the main item in the menu.

Thus, for a healthy long life, devoid of diseases, with high intelligence, we have to promote vegetarian food and abandon non- veg foods

Sri agathiar Trust, ambsamudram

The above phrase is very much known to general public, written over the cigarette packs,shown in cinema halls, televisions etc. In spite of it not only youngsters and lay men, but also, the so called grown up educated upper class people also smoke without hesitation. It is like falling into the well with open eyes. Many researches have been conducted about cigarette smoking and passive smoking. With strong conviction, they list out the diseases caused by cigarette smoking, such as, Heart diseases, Respiratory diseases, Lung Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, and what not. A very appreciable step taken by the government is prohibition of smoking in public places. But one should have the social awareness of not smoking in front of the familymembers and more appropriately help oneself and others to quit smoking for the good of all.

World Health Organization, has estimated smoking will be a cause of death leading to about 10 million death per year by 2020 and now smoking ranks in 2nd place as risk factor for cause of death in worldwide strategy.

Sri agathiar Trust, ambsamudram

Another life threatening habit is the use of Gutkha. Very fast, the oral cavity becomes white, like leukoderma, leading to Oral Cancer not responding to treatment and finally, death. Do you know that oral cancer produces the most intolerable bad smell around you and the ugliest cheeks encountered?

Sri agathiar Trust, ambsamudram

In the name of modernism alcohol is trying to take the place of soft drinks. Some 20-30 years ago alcoholism was regarded as a stigma. People used to drink stealthily, hiding somewhere. Even the arrack shops were kept outside the villages. But quite recently, beer bottles are trying to find places in fridges at home. Drinks parties have become common. The worst part is there is not a single film which does not show drinks bottles and glasses at tight close up. They try to project it as so casual that the hero and his friends will be drinking at the terrace every night. But they don’t forget to put the slogan “alcohol abuse is harmful to the country and the house” at the bottom of the scene!

Like cigarette smoking, it is a known fact that, alcohol also causes a list of diseases, such as, Coronary Heart Disease, Liver failure, Kidney failure, degenerative neurological symptoms etc. At chronic stage due to Neuropathy, the individual becomes bed ridden and finally death ensues.

In young people, at first, it acts as a stimulant, but, as days pass by their sharp intelligence and skills is lost, performance results become lesser and lesser and their whole career is spoiled. At home, alcohol abuse causes a full blown cyclone. There is always quarrel, leading to beatings and ill treatment of the better half, usually ending up in a divorce , making the life of the children a very big question.

Drunk and driving is another big social problem. It kills not only the drunkard, but also many innocent lives.

Alcoholism is the root cause of many social evils, such as that occurred to the Delhi girl.

Sri agathiar Trust, ambsamudram

Now-a-days it has become a fashion to have dark colored soft drinks along with pizza or fast food, at least once a day, if not more. The common reason given is that it helps in digestion. But some international research studies have given a shocking evidence of prevalence of prostate cancer in individuals having around 300ml of soft drinks daily, also affecting the prostate glands leading to infertility. Also, the sugar used in soft drinks is heated for a long time, giving it a brown color. Consistent consumption of it causes cancer of pancreas. Acidity experienced after taking fast food and soft drinks is a common experience. (Reference: Kumudam- 19.12.2012 dated issue).

So it is high time that we should be awake from our long slumber and protect us individually and our society from the grips of Modern Asuras such as CIGARETTE, DRINKS, GUTKHAS & NON – VEGETARIAN.

We should not wait for a God or his representative to come down. Each one should work for Him and wage a silent Non-violent war against these social evils to be in the right healthy path of life.